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US Medical License Services Informational Portal

To become a real physician, a resident of America will have many years of study and practice. In addition, in order to obtain the right to professionally engage in medical activities, a young nationwide medical specialist must obtain a license. Licensing activities in the United States is a complex process, and preparation can take many years. The license obtained in the USA gives the right to practice medicine only in this country.

In the United States, there are organizations that issue medical licenses, and they also have the right to suspend or revoke a license altogether. A medical license can be obtained not only by a native American but also by an immigrant who has completed all stages of training.

This online portal was created to provide information about medical licensing services in the United States. We review state medical boards in each state and private organizations that provide medical license assistance service: they accelerate the medical licensing process while reducing your involvement. Here you can find information about services in consulting, licensing and credentialing for hospitals, groups and individual physicians.

One must distinguish between licensing and specialization. A license is permission to professionally practice medical activities. From a legal point of view, a physician license is no different from a taxi driver’s license. In both cases, a license says that the citizen meets state requirements and is allowed to earn money through the craft specified in the license. Specialization is obtained by completing a residency and passing an exam in a specific specialty (surgery, therapy). A narrower specialty in addition to the general one (cardiology) requires additional training after the end of the residency.

This website will provide you with the most comprehensive information you need to get a physician license and complete the process faster & easier than you thought possible.