Medical Licensing In Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Board of Medical Licensing and Discipline reports that regulation 9065 to regulate the profession of Physician Assistants in the Government of Puerto Rico has been duly approved by the Department of State and has entered into force as of January 28, 2019.

Attending Physician’s Documentation

To obtain a copy of the documents related to the practice of attending physicians, you can access the link: under the line of professionals and suppliers you will find the medical assistant title:

  • Law 71 of August 5, 2017, known as “law to regulate the profession of medical assistants of Puerto Rico”;
  • Regulation 9065 of December 28, 2018, known as “regulations of the Board of Licensing and Medical Discipline of Puerto Rico to regulate the profession of attending physicians”;
  • Law 139 of August 1, 2008 as amended known as “Puerto Rico Medical Licensing and Discipline Board Act”;
  • Regulation 8861 of November 30, 2016, known as “General Regulation of the Board of Licensing and medical discipline of Puerto Rico”;
  • List of requirements for applying for a license for the profession of an assistant physician;
  • Application for license for the profession of assistant physician.

Many state boards are denying reciprocity with the Puerto Rico State Board Exam due to the fraudulent acts of several unethical and unqualified physicians and multiple corrupt medical board members. Even though Puerto Rico is a US territory, the validity of their state medical examination is under consideration.

The Puerto Rico Board of licensure and medical discipline will begin receiving applications duly completed with all requirements beginning February 15, 2019 in regular hours from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. IMPORTANT NOTE: INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Puerto Rico Medical Board – Contact Information

Address: Junta De Licenciamiento Y Disciplina Medica
P.O. Box 13969
San Juan, PR 00908-3969

Phone: (787) 765-2929
Ext. 6581 / 6579

Puerto Rico Medical License Requirements

  • Medical School Transcripts;
  • Examination Scores;
  • 2 Puerto Rico Licensed Physician References;
  • Internship/Residency/Fellowships;
  • Medical School Verification Form;
  • Medical School Dean’s Letter;
  • Puerto Rico Criminal Clearance Check;
  • Undergraduate University Transcripts.