Missouri Medical License

Missouri Board of Registration for the Healing Arts

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Contact information

3605 Missouri Blvd
P.O. Box 4 (Mailing Address)
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-0098
Fax: (573) 751-3166

Things you need to know

  • Application process: 8-12 weeks minimum
  • Board Meetings: Files are not required to be reviewed at Board meetings. Completed applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. Applicants should allow at least 60 days for the Board to review a file once it is received at the Board
  • Application Fee: $300
  • Background Check Fee: N/A
  • License Renewal: $125
  • Expiration: Applications expire after 1 year from the date it is received by the Board. Most Missouri medical license verifications need updating after 3 months
  • Interview: Not required.

Missouri medical license requirements

  • SPEX/COMVEX Requirement: Required to restore license after disciplinary action or by board order to assess current competence
  • USMLE Attempt Limit: Three attempts for Steps I – III
  • USMLE Time Limit: Must complete all 3 steps within 7 years
  • PGT (US/Canada Medical Graduate): 1 year
  • PGT (International Medical Graduate): 3 years

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State description

Missouri is a state in the Midwestern United States, the 24th state in the federation, the 21st state by area and the 18th by population. The state includes 114 regular counties and 1 urban district — St. Louis. The capital is Jefferson City. The largest cities are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia. The official nickname is “Show Me State.”

The territory of Missouri was acquired by the United States from France as part of the province of Louisiana in 1803. The state officially became part of the federation on August 10, 1821. Missouri currently has its fourth-ever state constitution, adopted in 1945.

The history of the state’s entry into the Federation largely reflects the peculiarities of the development of the United States before the Civil War. An important step in the development of the United States was the Missouri compromise of 1820 when Missouri was admitted to the Union as slave and Maine as free. The history of the state in the 20-50s of the XIX century is associated with the development of both farming and plantation slave farming. Following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act by Congress in 1854, Missouri Volunteers were active in the Kansas Civil War.

After the Civil War, Missouri became the most important transit state when moving west. In the city of Independence in the west of the state, most of the caravans heading to the Pacific Coast via Dodge City in Kansas are formed. After the development of the Union Pacific railroad network, the largest cities in the state, St. Louis and Kansas City, become very important.