Indiana Medical License

PLA: Medical Licensing Board of Indiana


Contact information

402 W. Washington Street, W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Call: 1-800-457-8283
Text: 1-855-463-5292

Things you need to know

  • Application process: 10-12 weeks
  • Board Meetings: The Board meets the fourth Thursday of each month. File must be complete by the Friday preceding the Board meeting
  • Indiana Medical License Application Fee: $250 (plus $60 for CSR)
  • Background Check Fee: $42.20
  • Indiana Medical License Renewal: $200
  • Expiration: Applications expire after 1 year from the date it is received by the Indiana Medical Board
  • Interview: Not required. The Indiana medical licensing board may require the applicant to attend a personal interview when, for instance, 1) the applicant has committed any acts constituting grounds for denial of license 2) the Board is in receipt of information requiring additional information or explanation from the applicant and 3) the applicant’s application is incomplete or requires further explanation.

Indiana medical license requirements

  • SPEX/COMVEX Requirement: Required if not practicing for several years or by board order to assess current competence
  • USMLE Attempt Limit: Three attempts for each step. (Indiana State Medical Board may grant waiver)
  • USMLE Time Limit: Must complete all three steps within 10 years
  • PGT (US/Canada Medical Graduate): 1 year
  • PGT (International Medical Graduate): 2 years

Help applying to  Indiana medical licensure


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State description

Indiana is a state in the northeastern United States, one of the so-called states of the Northeastern Center. The area is 94,321 km2. The capital and largest city is Indianapolis. Other significant cities are Fort Wayne, Evansville, Gary, South Bend, Hammond. The official nickname is “Hoosier State”.

The name of the state of Indiana means “Indian land” because the territory of the modern state of Indiana was populated by the Iroquois, Huron, Miami and other Indian tribes (before the arrival of Europeans).

Officially, the name “Indiana” was first used in 1800, when the territory of Indiana was formed, although in practice this name was formed several decades before, in the sixties of the XVIII century.

The state of Indiana is located in the Midwestern United States and belongs to the northeastern central states of the United States. The territory of the state of Indiana is 94,321 km2 (thirty-eighth among the states of the United States, the smallest state in the continental United States west of the Appalachians).

Indiana is bordered by the states of Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south (the border along the Ohio River), and Illinois to the west.

Although there are no large elevation differences in the territory of Indiana, you can see various types of terrain here-from the plains in the north of the state to the hilly and rugged terrain in the southern counties.

Indiana is primarily an industrial state, although agriculture and mining are also well developed.

The state is famous for its high-quality limestone, widely used in construction. Slabs of limestone quarried in Indiana are lined with the Pentagon and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, Yankee Stadium and the Empire State Building in New York, and many other famous buildings in the United States. In addition to limestone, Indiana produces significant amounts of coal, as well as sand, gravel, and other building materials.

Indiana is often called the “crossroads of America”, where many highways converge, connecting the states of the Midwest with other regions of the United States.

Indiana attracts a significant number of tourists, not only for its nature reserves and features, but also for various entertainment events, including the famous car races.