California Medical Licensing Service Review

Foundation Year

Office Address
1331 East Lafayette Street, Suite D, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone number
(850) 325-1400


California Medical Licensing Service helps to get medical license for practicing physicians, CA osteopathic physicians. The fee is imposed depending on whether you are a practicing physician or resident or fellow.

So, let’s look at the fees offering by CA Medical Licemsing Service:

  • $850 – practicing physicians;
  • $600 – resindents and fellows;

Fees To Apply For A License:

  • $907.05 – residents and fellows
  • $1,299 – CA osteopathic physicians
  • $907.05 – CA osteopathic physicians residents and fellows

This service is founded in 1994 by Michele and Katie Bertoldi. The team includes:

  • Karly Danes – FL Nurse and Physician License Consultant
  • Kristy Rowan – Physician License Consultant
  • Lauren Courtney – Physician License Consultant
  • Lianne Kefalas – Head of West Coast Satellite Office
  • Reema Raddar – FL Physician License Consultant


  • Rich experience;
  • Physician friendly service;
  • Fast 2-3 month process;
  • Accept checks, money orders and major credit;
  • No extra fees.


  • Only California licensing;
  • High fees.

Medical License Service Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5

If you think that you don’t need California Med’s help, you are wrong! They assisted me in more ways than I ever imagined. If you are applying for a California Medical license, using this service to help. Pick up the phone and call them NOW!

Robert Dates
Rated 5 out of 5

Initially I thought to myself, I’m only a Resident, I don’t need any help, my situation is relatively simple and uncomplicated. Then I thought, I’m extremely busy and a little guidance and assistance could be helpful. Well, the process ended up being a lot more complicated than I ever imagined and having the staff at California Med help me was very much useful. Frankly speaking, I took no efforts at all. The pretty much handled everything. Some of my fellow Residents were kicking themselves when they heard how smooth, quick and easy the process was for me. To say they regretted not hiring California Med to help them would be an under statement.

Barbara Shirley
Rated 5 out of 5

I want to thank California Med. You were fundemental in answering my questions along the way. Most importantly, you completed the process after I was “inactive” for several months. That, to me, speaks volumes as to what your company is all about. I recommend your group without hesitation (already have!) to any one who wants to go through the arduous process of getting a CA license. Thanks again.

Louis K. Brown

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