Montana Medical License

Montana Board of Medical Examiners


Contact information

301 S. Park Avenue
4th Floor
Helena, MT 59620
Phone: (406) 444-6880

Things you need to know

  • Application process: 3-4 months minimum
  • Board Meetings: The Board meets every other month. All files are not required to go to the Board meeting for review and can be issued once the Board deems the file complete & approved
  • Application Fee: $325
  • Background Check Fee: N/A
  • License Renewal: $400 (Active), $200 (Inactive), $300 (Telemedicine)
  • Expiration: Applications expire after 1 year from the date it is received by the Board
  • Interview: Not required

Montana medical license requirements

  • SPEX/COMVEX Requirement: Required if not practicing for the last two years or by board order to assess current competence
  • USMLE Attempt Limit: No attempt limit for Steps I and II; three attempts for Step III
  • USMLE Time Limit: Must complete all 3 steps within 7 years. (exception may be granted for MDs and PhDs dual degree candidates)
  • PGT (US/Canada Medical Graduate): Successful completion of residency program in at least 2 years. If graduated prior to 2000, must have experience or training that in the opinion of the board, is at least the equivalent of a 2-year approved residency program
  • PGT (International Medical Graduate): 3 years (or ABMS or AOA certification)

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State description

Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States. Here, in a sparsely populated region, there is a large North American watershed between the basins of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, which runs along the ridges of the Rocky Mountains (Mount Grand Peak, 3904 meters). The point of the watershed is considered to be the mountain Triple-Divide Peak. Sometimes Montana is called the state of origin. Here is the source of the Missouri-the main tributary of the Mississippi, as well as the Yellowstone River.

The climate of the state is characterized by low rainfall, warm summers and cold snowy winters. A quarter of the territory of Montana is occupied by forests, where there is a great variety of coniferous trees. The bowels of the state are rich in minerals-coal, gas, oil, gold, copper, silver, tungsten, lead, and molybdenum. Montana is the leader in the production of platinum and palladium. Agriculture is well developed in the prairies.

Despite the fact that the first Europeans in Montana were the French (1742), the name Montana is of Spanish origin and means “mountain country”. Before the European invasion, the prairies were inhabited by Cheyenne, Assiniboine, Crow, and other tribes of pastoralists and buffalo hunters. Permanent settlements of fur traders and hunters began to appear in Monatna in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The development of remote lands (another nickname of Montana is “badlands”) was accompanied by armed clashes with the Indians. Montana became a part of the United States as a territory in 1864 and became the 41st state in 1889.

The picturesque landscapes, lakes, mountains, glaciers, forests, waterfalls of the national park attract many travelers, hikers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Also, part of Yellowstone Park and the Buffalo Sanctuary are located in Montana.