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Physician Llicensing Service in the USATo become a doctor, a resident of America will have to undergo many years of study and practice. In addition, in order to obtain the right to professionally engage in medical activities, a young specialist must obtain a medical license through physician licensing services. Licensing in the United States is a complex process, preparation for which can take many years. The license obtained in the states gives the right to practice medicine only in the country.

In the United States, there are organizations that issue medical licenses. They also have the right to suspend or revoke a license altogether. A medical license can be obtained not only by a Native American, but also by an emigrant, having accordingly passed all stages of training. Sometimes it can take over 15 years to become a good specialist. So, like everyone else, learning starts from high school.

After receiving a diploma of secondary education, an American who wants to become a doctor goes to college. After graduation, the student still has to study at medical school. After completing the studies, exams and practice begin. Examinations will be conducted in basic and special disciplines. In practice, the student will have to diagnose the patient correctly and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Having successfully passed all the tests, the future doctor will enter residency, in which he will have to work in many departments of the hospital for about 5 years. The departments can be completely different and they will not particularly depend on the desired direction of the future doctor. This is followed by the last exam, which is just necessary to obtain a medical license. The exam includes a check in all specialties.

USMLE exam for licensed physician in the United States

This stage is passed remotely. You have 8 hours, 45 minutes break and about 280 questions. The price of the exam is around $740.

You get multiple choice questions, only one is correct. You need to answer a maximum of 40 questions per hour, but there is no time to enter a book. This means that you need to bone up, the questions will be as detailed and difficult as possible, because the test should establish that you are a real pro, worth $200,000 a year.

The minimum passing score is 192. You have to get more, because if two students get the same score, the American has the advantage.

Divided into two separate exams: CK and CS.

Step 2 CK is the same multi-choice test, it can also be taken remotely. It lasts 9 hours with an hour break, there are 8 blocks of 44 questions. It costs around $840. Clinical disciplines are tested: medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology.

Step 2 CS is a practice that lasts for two days. It costs $1200. 12 patient actors come to you, you have 25 minutes each. You should work correctly with all 12. It also tests your knowledge of English and your ability to communicate with people. This exam is taken in the USA, in special centers in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles.

This is a two-day 8 hour exam. Foreign doctors take it in the United States before residency, and local doctors after the first year of residency. Foreigners often take this exam in Connecticut because the state has fewer paperwork requirements.

On the first day, tests: 256 questions in 6 blocks, one hour for each block.

On the second day, tests of 198 questions are taken, which last 3 hours. Then you are given 13 cases to “handle” in real-time simulation. You use software through which you prescribe medications to a patient and track changes in his health. One case takes 10–20 minutes. There is a 45 minute break on each exam day.

The most unpleasant thing: 65% of American clinics do not consider candidates who did not pass the USMLE the first time.

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